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Benchmark Property Group
Reviews & Testimonials

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

What Our Customers Are Saying…


1173 Roosevelt St. Escondido, CA –  Vickie S. – Homeowner

“I owned a home in Escondido and needed to sell it quickly. My ex was living in it but got behind on the payments and I could not afford to pay them. I was looking to buy a house here in Oklahoma where I decided I wanted to retire. I received a letter from Jason Lewis of Benchmark Property Group a few months before letting me know he was looking for houses in Escondido if I ever decided to sell. Fortunately, I hung on to that letter just in case. My daughter and I drove out to California from Oklahoma and I gave Jason a call. Two days later I met with him at the house and he gave me an offer that was generous which I could not turn down. My house was a total disaster. Trash everywhere, weeds over four foot high in the backyard, and smelled like a dog was living in the house. I was embarrassed to even have Jason come look at it. He was my angel is all I can say. He told me not to worry about a thing regarding the house as he would take care of it. Even when my ex would not vacate the premises Jason said he would buy the house and handle the eviction. Jason was amazing. He did not even make me wait for payment. Jason took care of everything.  He is the fairest, most honest and understanding person that you could ever meet. Thank you so much Jason.”


2320 Division St. National City, CA – Libby G. – Homeowner

“It’s an immense pleasure to recommend Jason Lewis for any individual or family who are looking to sell their homes. My friend and his sibling have been thinking of selling their parents’ home for quite a while but the thought of getting all the repairs done was agonizing and tedious. When my friend asked for my help, I immediately contacted Jason. He always reached out to me promptly and answered all of my questions.  He has been a consummate professional and responded quickly whether by email or text.  Also important to me was the fact that he put absolutely no pressure and provided information in an even-handed and non-judgmental manner.”


5993 Altamont Dr. San Diego, CA –  Emelie A. – Homeowner

“My siblings and I had been thinking of selling our parents’ home for about a year but the prospect of trying to get all the repairs done is excruciating to say the least. The house needs a new roof, new flooring,  and a host of other miscellaneous repairs need to be done. One day, while searching for companies that would buy homes, and after doing a few hours of inquiry, I found 2 companies which I contacted immediately. The other company failed to impress me since they are not promptly returning my phone calls and emails. The other company – Benchmark Property Group has been a tremendous joy to do business with. A gentleman named Jason Lewis always reaches out to me quickly and answers all of my questions. Within a very quick month, the house was sold and we didn’t have to go through any of the headaches normally associated with selling a home. The process was far easier than expected and the wonderful people involved with the transaction did everything they could to provide above and beyond customer service. I will absolutely use the services of Jason Lewis again in the future when selling my next property. I have actually recommended Jason’s services to my friends and family.”


1116 Bluegrass Rd. Vista, CA –  Robin W. – Executor

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your patience, kindness and understanding in regards to this difficult probate case. Never could I have thought it would take almost three and a half years to go through the process to settle this case.  I am so thankful that I chose you to purchase and remodel my Aunt’s house. Thank you for showing us my Aunt’s house after you remodeled it. It is beautiful!!!!!”


8330 Stansbury St. Spring Valley, CA –  Larry T. – Homeowner

“I wanted to thank you for such a smooth and uncomplicated sale of my house. In March of 2018, I decided I was going to sell. I contacted Jason, he came and met with me. We discussed what needed to be fixed, agreed on a price and he gave me all the time I needed to move with no pressure. Everything Jason said was 100% real. I would recommend Jason Lewis and Benchmark Property Group to anyone and everyone who wants an easy and stress free sale of their house.”


6345 Southern Rd. La Mesa, CA –  Kyle & Karen B. – Homeowners

“I don’t know where to start about how helpful Jason Lewis was for us and how easy he was to work with. My wife had half ownership of a home in San Diego and a relative owned the other half. In this situation communication was very challenging. The idea of listing the property in the “normal” way was not likely to work well. Full disclosure here, I am a licensed Realtor in another state and I believe in the “normal” way of selling homes!

We had received numerous inquiries regarding this place from a number of investors. Jason promptly and courteously replied. He took the time to actually listen to the details of the situation without interruption. He then suggested a very straightforward proposal.

The sale of the house to Jason recently closed and we couldn’t be happier. We really believe that this may have been the only way we could have succeeded in getting this done! Jason followed through on everything! An honest person and a good man who sincerely makes an effort to work through the difficulties that can arise in these transactions. We whole heartedly recommend him!”


6045 Daisy Ave. San Diego, CA –  Lee G. – Homeowner

“It was a few years ago I have received, not only one but several letters, from Jason Lewis of Benchmark Property Group and a few more from various places, who were interested in buying the rental property my husband and I owned. I didn’t entertain them because I wasn’t involved, until my husband passed away a couple of years ago that I remembered the letters. I called a few of them including Jason’s.  Although their offers were similar, it was Jason’s that I have entertained because of his understanding of my situation. He didn’t push too hard and left me pretty much on my own to decide.  As a matter of fact, I have changed my mind several times.  It took me years to weigh things, and when I finally decided, Jason was there. The flexibility of date, dependent on my needs and the renter’s situation, was evident in closing escrow.  Thanks for Jason’s patience and tenacity. 

When I saw the property after it was renovated, I wanted to buy it back, it looks gorgeous! Good job, Jason, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to my friends.”


2466 Calle Tres Lomas San Diego, CA –  Steve R. – Trustee

“Over the past three or four years I received and filed letters from Jason offering to buy my family’s house which was left in a trust with me as the trustee. The house had been solely occupied for the previous ten years by my younger brother who has been unemployed for thirty plus years. Although he has issues, he was able to keep the house in good condition and survived on money our mother left behind for him in a trust account that I managed. Once his money ran out the house had to be sold. My brother is out of touch with reality and became increasingly belligerent, so I called Jason and explained the situation. We agreed upon a price and I was able to step aside and let Jason and his company handle the legal proceedings for the eviction and sale of the house.

Jason had my confidence from the start when he informed me that he has dealt with similar situations, where he has had to evict tenants and assist them in relocating if necessary. Although I could have sold the house at a higher price, the avoidance of dealing with remodeling contractors, realtors and my brother saved me a lot of headaches and was worth the convenience. I received my check for the sale of the property immediately and Jason kept me informed throughout all steps in the procedure. The final step was to meet us at the house with his partner Mike to show my wife and me how they transformed the house to give it a modern look. A realtor was showing a client the house as we arrived and she commented to Jason that his company did such a marvelous renovation job compared to most of the homes she has shown. I highly recommend going with Jason and his company Benchmark Property Group to anyone wanting to sell an older house, especially for anyone with touchy encumbrances such as mine.”

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