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“It was a few years ago I have received, not only one but several letters, from Jason Lewis of Benchmark Property Group and a few more from various places, who were interested in buying the rental property my husband and I owned. I didn’t entertain them because I wasn’t involved, until my husband passed away a couple of years ago that I remembered the letters. I called a few of them including Jason’s.  Although their offers were similar, it was Jason’s that I have entertained because of his understanding of my situation. He didn’t push too hard and left me pretty much on my own to decide.  As a matter of fact, I have changed my mind several times.  It took me years to weigh things, and when I finally decided, Jason was there. The flexibility of date, dependent on my needs and the renter’s situation, was evident in closing escrow.  Thanks for Jason’s patience and tenacity. 

When I saw the property after it was renovated, I wanted to buy it back, it looks gorgeous! Good job, Jason, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to my friends.”

Lee G. – Homeowner


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