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“Over the past three or four years I received and filed letters from Jason offering to buy my family’s house which was left in a trust with me as the trustee. The house had been solely occupied for the previous ten years by my younger brother who has been unemployed for thirty plus years. Although he has issues, he was able to keep the house in good condition and survived on money our mother left behind for him in a trust account that I managed. Once his money ran out the house had to be sold. My brother is out of touch with reality and became increasingly belligerent, so I called Jason and explained the situation. We agreed upon a price and I was able to step aside and let Jason and his company handle the legal proceedings for the eviction and sale of the house.

Jason had my confidence from the start when he informed me that he has dealt with similar situations, where he has had to evict tenants and assist them in relocating if necessary. Although I could have sold the house at a higher price, the avoidance of dealing with remodeling contractors, realtors and my brother saved me a lot of headaches and was worth the convenience. I received my check for the sale of the property immediately and Jason kept me informed throughout all steps in the procedure. The final step was to meet us at the house with his partner Mike to show my wife and me how they transformed the house to give it a modern look. A realtor was showing a client the house as we arrived and she commented to Jason that his company did such a marvelous renovation job compared to most of the homes she has shown. I highly recommend going with Jason and his company Benchmark Property Group to anyone wanting to sell an older house, especially for anyone with touchy encumbrances such as mine.”

Steve R. – Trustee


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